This plugin collects some statistics and prints them as JSON.

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Statistics plugin for GNU Social

This plugin collects some statistics and prints them. These stats will be collected:

  • Instance name, address, version, SSL mode.
  • Is twitter plugin enabled and is twitterbridge is active.
  • Local users list with full names.
  • Local groups list.
  • Enabled plugins

Plugin has no additional dependencies.


Copy Statistics directory to $GNUSOCIAL_ROOT/plugins and activate it in config.php:


To check for proper plugin installation, go to http://your_instance_address/main/statistics. If everything is ok - you will see JSON output.

Note to StatusNet users

You should rename StatisticsPlugin-statusnet.php to StatisticsPlugin.php, because original StatisticsPlugin.php was developed for GNU Social and WILL NOT WORK for StatusNet. You are warned.

What this for?

This plugin is a requirement if you want to be listed on http://gstools.org/, because there is no possibility to get required data without this plugin.

On gstools.org side, there is a special script, which will fetch data, provided with this plugin. All data will be accessible thru web interface with searching abilities.

Thanks to

Special thanks to this people:

  • hannes2peer@quitter.se - for SQL queries optimizations
  • mmn@social.umeahackerspace.se - for more SQL queries optimizations and general suggestions